Button/Menu label, description, tags and sequences

<#ffffff>	Foreground color
<kbd>		Outlined key drawing
<b>			Bold
<i>			Italic
<u>			Underline
\n			Newline
\t			Tab

Few questions.

  1. I suspect there is a way to set background color for buttons with a tag. If so, how?
    Edit:<font bgcol="#cccccc"></font> This is limited to the font background and not the whole button.
  2. Is the three-button tooltip that displays the mouse icons shown with one of these tags?
  3. Any other tags etc missing from the list above you can share?


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Some things to play with...

Keep in mind none of this is documented/supported, so things could change/break. It's just stuff we needed in one place or another.

Easiest way to play with things is in button labels, since you can see the results as soon as you type.


<%error> <%update> <%oned:4> <%oned:3> <%ddbi:5> <%ddbi:155>
<%tbim:rename> <%tbim:makedir> <%fdbi:8> <%fdbi:12>
<%winlogo> <%bulb:1> <%bulb:2> <%bulb:3>
<%weblink> <%windowlink> <%menulink> <%manlink>
<%bullet> <%arrow> <%arrowu> <%arrowd> <%arrowl>
<%mouse> <%mousel> <%mouser> <%mousem>
<%checkbox> <%checkbox:0> <%checkbox:2>

<nowrap> ... </nowrap> prevents new lines, especially useful if you want one of those icons at the start or end of a word.

<fixed>Hello</fixed> uses a monospace font.



Value, Total, Width, Color1, Color2, Color3 (or "no"), BackColor (or "no"), TextColor (or "no"), Gradient, Frame, Line, Value1, Value2


Nice, but still very cryptic. There should be a color picker for the colors. For example, i would like to change the colors starting with light green (plenty of space) to red (critical), and also change the background color to something lighter. Only a suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, a progress bar can be placed in a button label. Wasn't expecting that one. Was hoping for a way to set the background color of a button conditionally with evaluator. Thanks for taking the time and sharing!

Are these useful icons/images somehow accessible from a script? Perhaps using DOpus.Loadimage?
I am particularly interested in stars:0 through stars:5.


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They're not available as an image but you can use a markup text control to show them in a dialog using the HTML.


@Jon any chance to use those icons in a button from a script?

No, but markup text controls can have clickable links in them which might help?

Added the missing <u>underline</u> tag to the list of my original post.