Button to move folders and replace them with a symlink pointing to the new location?

I don't know if this is the right place for this or not (I was thinking it might take some DOpus specific stuff to do). I was wondering if somebody could make a certain script, I can go on Fiverr or something if I need to.
I have a lot of folders with very important files and for what I'm doing I need to delete files pretty often. I created a hidden folder called "M:\hidden\buffer" where I put folders that are very important and create a symbolic link where the files are supposed to be so if I accidentally delete the folder it isn't gone forever. I don't use the recycle bin because I get paranoid and end up doing double the work trying to make sure I don't delete something important with thousands of files.

So for what the script would need to do:
It would copy the whole path of the folder and move it to "M:\hidden\buffer" and create a symbolic link in place of the original location of the folder.

So the folder "banana":
Would get moved to:
Then there will be a symbolic link folder in "M:\files\apple\orange" called "banana" pointing to "M:\hidden\buffer\files\apple\orange\banana"

I hope I didn't make that confusing. It seemed like something that would be simple to do but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what happens if I have a bunch symbolic links insider each other :confused:

Anyways, thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure if I understood your request fully, maybe you can give this button a try:

Set FOCUS=Toggle
Copy MAKELINK=auto

Open the target folder in Destination, then select the folder-to-be-moved in the Source and hit the button.

I want the folders' whole path to be recreated inside of "M:\hidden\buffer"
Then have the symlink point to where the files were moved

If I wanted to use this script on the folder "example":
It would recreate the path (minus the drive letter) with a prefix of "M:\hidden\buffer"
So it would end up like this:

The original location of the folder "example" would have a symlink called "example" pointing to "M:\hidden\buffer\misc\ftp\example"

12.10.5 beta has some scripting changes to make the path modifications you're looking for easier within script code:

If you don't want to use scripting (as in JScript or VBScript), you may also find the noroot and subdir modifiers for the Codes for passing filenames useful.

Last week I was moving some directories between a SSD and a HDD and replacing them with junctions; I thought a script that did the move and replace could be helpful, but I don't do this that often, so writing a script wasn't that attractive.

If no one else steps in, contact me.

P.S.: loved your avatar.

The example here may also be useful. It moves the thumbnail cache folder and replaces it with a junction: