Calculate folder sizes?

I came across this line in the docs:

"To manually calculate the size of one or more folders, the simplest method is to select the folders in question, and then choose the Calculate Folder Sizes command from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+L)."

My Edit menu doesn't have a "Calculate Folder Sizes". Can this command be found somewhere else?

This is the button: Calculate Folder Sizes.dcf (383 Bytes)

See: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

In general, if you've just turned off the default Menu or Operations toolbar and need something from it, you can probably just turn it on temporarily to get things out of it.

If the toolbar has been modified (or imported from an old version), it can be reset to the current factory settings via the menu you get when you right-click an empty space on the toolbar, but that obviously loses any of your own modifications.

If you want to use modified versions of the default toolbars, it's a good idea to copy them and edit the copies, so you can always open the default ones if you want to get things from them. That's what I do myself.

Thanks Leo, I thought I had only added things to my menu, but apparently removed that button at some point in the past.
Good to know I can reset the toolbars to their defaults if need be.

You might also find this script helpful. It enables the calc folders for a specific tab.
This way you can turn it when needed, and not need to keep manually running the command. It wont however run in all tab, impacting performance.

Very cool, thanks!