Calculating of file checksum

I wonder if I can calculate the SHA 256 checksum (or any other) of a file with Directory Opus?
Thanks in advance for any reply.

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To answer my question: open a command prompt in DOPUS.
Enter the following commands:
certutil -hashfile SHA256
and press ENTER.
However, to have such a command in the tools menu of DOPUS would be a pleasant feature.

Directory Opus has SHA-1 and MD5 built in.
They are listed under the Edit Menu.

GetSizes SHA
GetSizes  MD5

There are also a few scripts.
Here's one for SHA-256 and SHA-512 columns.

A good start.

Yeah, thanks, I wasn't aware of that!

I use hashcheck. It sneaks into the RIGHT-CLICK menu and also has a tab (Checksums) in the PROPERTIES option of said menu.

Many thanks, Itisi, I'll give it a try, Seems to exactly what I'm looking for!