Can I always use a new tab in search results to open a folder in the results?

I have a bunch of folders in the search results, and I want to open them with a new tab when I double-click on the folders in these search results.

I know it's possible to do this using the lock function(lock the search result tab), but I'd like to make it the default way.
Are there any relevant options to do this?

(Sorry for my bad english)


Possibly via scripting, but I don't know of an easy way to do that.

Adding a right-click option, or double-click + alt/shift/ctrl is much easier. Or dragging the folders you want down to the tab bar, which will open them in new tabs.

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I also think that an option for this should exist, the File Collections could then be used as a "launch" list.

I find in 99% of the cases I don't want to navigate "into" a File Collection result (thus losing the results unless I navigate back which is inconvenient, or unless I deliberately select open in new tab which is an additional step easily forgotten, or opening a new tab next to a File Collection so it's duplicated there but then you lose the back navigation before the File Collection in that tab).

Well, Alt-DoubleClick seems efficient enough, but that's just me :wink:

So... try the following:

Step :one:

Save CommandGoFromCollection.js.txt to

%appdata%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Script AddIns

Step :two:

Add GoFromCollection to your File Types like so:

You can also add the new command to a button, hotkey, context menu, etc. like any built-in command, or run it from the FAYT Command field.

Things you might enjoy reading

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

The script's inner workings

function OnInit(initData) { = 'GoFromCollection';
    initData.version = '2023-09-20';
    initData.copyright = '';
    initData.url = '';
    initData.desc = '';
    initData.default_enable = true;
    initData.min_version = '12.0';

function OnAddCommands(addCmdData) {
    var cmd = addCmdData.AddCommand(); = 'GoFromCollection';
    cmd.method = 'OnGoFromCollection';
    cmd.desc = '';
    cmd.label = '';
    cmd.template = '';
    cmd.hide = false;
    cmd.icon = 'script';

function OnGoFromCollection(scriptCmdData) {
    var cmd = scriptCmdData.func.command;
    var tab = scriptCmdData.func.sourcetab;

    cmd.deselect = false;

    if (String((tab.path)).substring(0, 5) == 'coll:') {
        cmd.RunCommand('Go NEWTAB');
    } else {

Thank you very much, sir.

The script runs very well.

Thank you very much again.