Can I set Folder Options -> Mixing for system folders

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and Directory Opus 9.5 (built on 10/5) 64 bit.

I prefer to have my folders displayed after my files in detailed views, and was able to use the HOW TO: Understand and Configure Folder Formats article to let me do this by setting Folder Options -> Display -> Sorting Options -> Mixing to be Files listed before folders. I understand from reading the HOW TO: Save settings to system folders (e.g. Control Panel) article that system folders are treated differently than regular folders, and for DO 9.5 you just set the system folder how you want it, and it will be remembered when you return to it.

My problem is I don't know how to set the Files listed before folders option for a system folder. In particular, I want to set this for the Windows 7 Libraries like the Documents library. However, the Edit the appearance and settings button is disabled for these folders, and I can not find the Files listed before folders anywhere else in DO, such as the View menu.

Is there a way for me to set this option for a system folder like the Windows 7 libraries? I tried Save the current folder format for all folders with the option set in a non-system folder, but it did not seem to set the option in a system folder.

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers!

This sort of option isn't offered by Explorer (which is what provides the display for system folders) unfortunately. In the future Opus will support Libraries natively and so you will have full control over this but at the moment there's no way to do it that I know of, unfortunately.