Cannot "Check for Program Updates"

I am trying to update to 10.2, however, the dialog to check for updates has no results. I would like to update while keeping preferences and therefore I don't want to do a manual update. Any recommendations?

Directory Opus:
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

Thank you

If your network requires a firewall/proxy to reach the internet, you might need to configure Opus to use it under Preferences / Internet / Proxy.

Also, make sure you have not blocked your computer from talking to the GPSoftware update servers. (Some people do it and then forget. :slight_smile:)

The automatic updater downloads and runs exactly the same installer that you can get from the webpage.

Doing a manual update will keep your existing preferences, the same as using the automatic updater will, as long as you install over the top of your existing version.

(Uninstalling will wipe your preferences, but you should not uninstall; just install the new version over the top of what you have now.)

(Plus it's always a good idea to have a configuration backup, just in case).

Thanks a lot for the responses. I will do a manual install without uninstalling. It was just surprising for me that when I "Check for Program Updates" I get no response at all.. Is it possible that something is logged somewhere? I am currently behind the company firewall, so that could very well be the reason.


If you're behind a corporate firewall and haven't configured the proxy settings in Opus then that's definitely the reason.

Thanks a lot for the help!

There are several bugs the software. I am not behind 'a corporate firewall', I do have a router running NAT, like 98% of people. I am computer literate.

After I reinstalled the software, check for update brought a dialog about connecting to news something, something fails with unable to resolve hostname. After three or four attempts at this, it no longer attempts to do any kind of update check.

A rational thing to do is to download the latest version and install over the top. This not only doesn't work, it also break windows explorer with application not found when you try to go to control panel immediately after this.

A quick update, dopus decided to install a non existent proxy into proxy settings. It's for an address that doesn't even exist on my system and port 8080, which I would never use that port anyway. Must be a default from internal testing, not removed.

Removed Proxy all together, still not doing update checks.

Opus does not install any kind of proxy. What are you seeing which indicates it has done that?

Where did you get the installer from? Check the digital signature on it to make sure it is from GP Software and has not been modified by a third party.

The update checker connects to (a Google/Blogger server) for the news feed. Check that you can access both of those in your web browser. If you can't, and the problem doesn't go away (i.e. isn't a temporary internet or server issue), then the problem must be on your end. Both servers, and the update checker, are working fine for me at the moment.

Thanks for the reply.
Installer is from you demo download page. both resolve perfectly in the browser and ping as well.
I uninstalled, did a reboot, reinstalled, put in certificate. Check for update, same error. This time I checked settings at the bottom of the box and again it has the mysterious proxy set. It's 192.168.x.1 port 8080. I have two NICS in the pc and this address isn't the gateway. That one is 192.168.y.1 . I also would NEVER EVER use port 8080 for proxy. There is no proxy. What I noticed yesterday, when you hit the check for updates 3-4 times, it stops trying and no more dialog.... It's a bug. Feel free to contact me for testing. I used to do SW QA for a living.

I misunderstood your earlier post. So Opus configured itself to use a proxy (which may not exist at all); the word "install" made me think we were talking about Opus installing a proxy on your system, which Opus wouldn't do. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Opus picks up the proxy configuration from the Windows registry the first time you use it. Those settings may then be saved into your Opus configuration (so if you use the same configuration on another machine, the proxy settings will come with it & may need adjusting).

This is where Opus looks in the registry for the proxy configuration:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

If you don't need an HTTP proxy on your machine & network, turn off Preferences / Internet / Proxy / Use a proxy server for HTTP access and the settings will be ignored.

Those proxy settings must have come from somewhere (either the registry or manually entered into the Opus config at some point) as they are all blank in Opus by default.