Cannot open files with long names on Synology drive

I cannot open a PDF that appears in the results of a search. See attached video. The file exists (it showed up in the search results), and can be opened (you can see the preview in the top right corner), and this whole process (search+open) works fine in Windows Explorer.

How long is the filepath? Some programs have problems with very long paths.

Try closing the viewer pane as well.

Does the Word file open in Word correctly? From the Opus side there's no difference between the two (assuming PDFs open correctly in other situations).

Beyond that it's difficult to say; the error message is coming from Adobe Reader, not Opus. You could use Process Monitor to verify that Opus is sending the correct filepath to Reader.

file path is very long. Excel file also doesn't open. This is not an excel problem, not an acrobat problem. this is an Opus problem. these files open correctly in windows explorer every time

So it works in Opus with shorter paths?

And closing the viewer pane makes no difference?

Send us a Process Monitor log of the two files being double-clicked in both Opus and File Explorer, as well as the names/paths so we know what to look for, and we'll take a look.

Edit: It's also possible anti-spyware or similar software is blocking Opus, but not File Explorer, from opening/launching documents, which we've seen in some cases. This can include the built-in Windows Defender. Problems caused by Windows Defender (strange behavior when using Opus)

Yes, it works in Opus with shorter paths
if it is a antivirus/defender issue, is there a way to exclude Opus rather than having to disable to antivirus completely?

Thanks for sending the ProcMon log.

You didn't say which files were being opened, but I find some events which look relevant, and I would say the problem may be a Synology issue.

We can see Opus has launched Excel with this command line:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE" "\\edgesynology1\files\S8RSH7~T\IV4IM2~8\20QI3R~H\DSEY12~T"

When files have very long paths, Opus may opt to use the short versions of them (if enabled in the filesystem) to send to programs, as a workaround for path and command-line limits in Windows and third-party applications.

It looks like Synology are not generating short paths properly here. In particular, there is no file extension on the end of the name, which will likely confuse a lot of software. The names would usually resemble the main filenames as well, but it's not technically wrong for the names be completely random, as long as the extension is preserved (or truncated to 3 letters if it's longer).

If you turn on the Name and Path > Short Name column in Opus you can check what the short names are for the files. If they don't have extensions then that would confirm the issue.