Canon CR3 viewer: cannot display EXIF data


It seems that the integrated CR3 file viewer cannot display EXIF data.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Right-click on a CR3 file and select "View in Directory Opus"
  • Right-click on the image and select "Show Information"
  • Notice that only the picture size and camera model name is displayed

Sample CR3 files can be downloaded from the Canon R or R6's sample gallery on

Note that EXIF data is present in these files (verified in Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4)

This problem seems to still be around. Any updates from the developers on this?

These add-ins make Exif data available as custom columns. If you prefer a more compact form, you could build your own info tips with them.

Thanks, that looks good, but the main issue here is that DOpus has native support for metadata in CR2 files, but it obviously not for CR3 files. Even if a script or plugin can solve the problem, it would be better if it was solved internally.

Thanks for the tip, and the script!