Can't get folder format to stick

I am having an unexpected amount of trouble getting my folder format to stick. I'm working on a new setup for version 11 and I can't seem to get me folder format to stick. Even setting format lock seems to have no impact. The column widths reset as soon as I change to a different folder.

What I'm trying for is for all folders to have the same format except when Flatview or Search results are displayed. In those cases I want the Location field to be added.

I have read through this information Folder Formats: Quick Guide already.

I can't figure out what I'm missing.



Make sure the format lock is off as turning it on will ignore saved folder formats (except the one in the window you open right at the start) and ignore folder and view mode changes, which you don't want.

If the problem is column sizes changing, you probably need to turn off the auto-size columns option, on the Display tab (note: note the columns tab) when editing the format.

I haven't had a chance to check this again but I think I might have thought of a possible solution to the problem. I think I might have Opus set to use something other than the default lister. I believe that might explain it.