Can't open some files with double click

That is very strange, it worked well so far, but now if I double click on some files or user "open" in the context menu, nothing happens.
If I use "open with..." then the OS modal opens and it works.
The problem is not on every files, and even more strange, it is not linked to the file extension: some .pptx works fine, some other don't.
I rebooted several times, looked at all the parameters...
If I user windows explorer, all the files open correctly.
Do you have an idea ?
Thank you, it is very very annoying for such a fundamental feature...

Is it always the same for the same file, or is it that it works sometimes and not others?

When not working for one file, do any files at all let you double-click them within the same folder/window?

Are you on the latest version? (12.10)

Yes, for a specific file it is always the same behaviour (at least in the same windows session, I am not able to remember wich file was ok or not before reboot).

in the same folder i can have files ok and file nok

I am on version 12.10

If the files are locked by another program, or Opus (or the program being launched) is blocked from acessing the files by your antivirus, that could cause those symptoms. I would look in those directions.

hello, thank you, but when a file is lock, it is only the write process that is blocked, not the read. And if was due to the fact that the file was locked, then it would not be possible to open it in windows explorer either.
The problem is definitively in Directory Opus.
Is there any logs showing the reasons why the command of opening the file does not end correctly ? Can I lauch DO in a shell in order to have the logs in the console ?
thank you,

Files can be locked against reading as well. It's slightly less common but completely possible.

Some readers may also refuse to read files that are open for writing, since they don't want to read data that may be changing under them.

Antivirus may also block different things in different programs for completely arbitrary reasons, which could be happening (especially with Office documents).

You can use Process Monitor to see which actions Opus and other programs perform or attempt. That may reveal something.

Thank you but again, if there was a lock, the files would also be locked in windows explorer...
Because the same file opens correctly in windows explorer, i am pretty sure the problem comes from Opus Directory...

Any chance to access to a log file ?

Process Monitor lets you generate a log file in real time.

well, it is not that easy, do you confirm I have to follow this process :

There is no way to more easily launch directory opus in oder to get the log file ?

Thank you because this problem is very problematic,

Use these instructions: