Can't retain Name, Size, Type, Modified Block

I have Directory Opus Version x64 installed on my laptop on home.

For some reason whenever I change directories my total line
(that says on the columns) Name Size Type Modified Attr.

Also I don't want all the fancyness when I double click on a file. It does some type of animation.

If you can't fix the animation can you do something so I can retain the columns?

The columns don't stay even when I save the listers.

Please help.


Daryl D. Vorpahl

Please see Folder Formats: Quick Guide for how to set the same columns to appear everywhere.

The animations can be turned off via Preferences / Display / Transition Animations.

(By the way, please ask one question per thread so the answers are easier for other people to search for.)


I did that, but the settings still default to dropping the folder format.

Any other ideas?


If you hover the mouse over the Format Lock in the status bar (don't click on it, just hover), it will show you a tooltip with details of where the current format comes from. That should reveal where the columns are coming from.

This is what you're looking for:

(Also, make sure you're trying with a new window, since old ones can be affected by previous settings.)


I opened a new window, even uninstalled Directory Opus and it still does the same thing.

The changes that I make do not hold.

Any other ideas?


Registered Opus Pro User

What does the tooltip say?


What do you mean by tooltip?


The thing I described how to see, and posted a screenshot of, just above.


When I get home I will send it to you.

I can't get it now as I am at work.