Can't run application as administrator from dopus

When I right click on .exe file and select "Run as administrator" nothing happens. and also the "Run as administrator" from Windows start menu doesnt work while the dopus is running!

Most likely antivirus or similar is blocking the action, or some involved registry (COM) settings are broken.

See if disabling antivirus makes a difference (how to do so depends on the antivirus), or if reinstalling Opus over the top of itself helps.

Make sure none of the things mentioned in these two guides apply as well:

I'm using windows 11 and do not have any 3rd party antivirus installed other than Windows Security itself. I've tried turning off the real time protection but nah. The problem is still there. I'll try reinstalling the software and see if things change.

reinstalled it. but sadly the problem is still there. I loved the application and would have bought it if this unfortunate things could've been solved. (note: other file explorer application can run .exe files as a administrator just fine)

Something on your system must be blocking Opus from elevating, or breaking the registry settings involved, or making Opus think it’s running on an older version of Windows.

We can provide a list of some things to check if you want to investigate and work out where the issue is.