CD drive not showing in DO

I am using Opus 11.19 x 64, I noticed today (after a Windows 10 update) that the Drive bar now only shows Drives C,D,N
My CD drive is usually shown as E.
I checked using MS File Explorer and it shows up there. Viz: C,D,E,N
I have checked the FAQ's, gleaned nothing there.
My Opus setup is bog standard as out of the box.
Appreciate any and all advice offered.

The drives bar is probably configured to hide empty drives. Is there a disc in it?

I have managed (don't know how) to get the E (CD) drive to show in the 'Folder Tree', which it didn't before.
Drive Bar still showing C,D,N - i.e. no E drive.
Any further assistance appreciated.

PS to Leo
The drive, although appears to be operational, was empty, but my PC froze when I put a MP3 CD in.
Obviously this is not the fault of Opus.


I have now put a different CD in the E drive - and low and behold the 'E' Drive now shows in the Drive bar i.e. C,D,E,N.
However on removing the CD, the 'E' drive icon disappears - please advise solution to correct.
Please bear in mind I am not a 'Techie' so please treat me gently.

Please see the Empty removable drives are not displayed FAQ.

Hi Jon,
Absolutely perfect!
I would never have found that in a month of Sunday's.
Many, many thanks.

Please consider subject closed.