Change background colors and specifically in 'File display background'


I changed the background color for 'File display background' in 'Color and Fonts' to light grey which works fine, but when I browse my NAS the background color is still white. The same is the case for 'Network', but when I open a (network) share the background is grey again.

I've played around with most of the settings in the 'Color and Fonts' settings, but I can't find a different option for this. Can these backgrounds be changed to grey as well?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

The Network folder is delegated to Explorer, since we can't add a lot of value by handling it natively. (All you can really do there is double-click something to go somewhere else.) The one downside is that color customisations don't work there. (There is an option in Preferences to make the background choice affect those folders, but it won't work well with inverted colors.)

The NAS shouldn't be like that, though, unless you've saved a folder format for it which overrides the colors, or unless the NAS is an unusual one which doesn't present itself as a normal network drive to the OS and instead works via a shell plugin which renders the whole folder (which is really unusual these days).

Thanks for the quick reply! Too bad about the network folder.

I access my NAS through the folder tree under favorites and has this 'address': //NAS name
But the address bar shows it as: Network > \\NAS name >
So that probably explains it. Can I work around this? And not as a mapped network drive, which also isn't possible I believe? You can only map a shared folder as a network drive right?

The NAS sounds like a normal folder. It should work the same as any other.

When in one of its folders, go to Folder > Folder Options > Options. Is the Fill Color option set there? If so, that is overriding the global color setting.

I assume you mean this? So looks like it should be right?

Looks right.

Could you post a screenshot of the NAS next to a normal folder?

Have you turned on any of the options which change the background color when a filter is applied, or for the source vs destination sides?

On the right is main dir of my NAS and on the left you see a share opened, so only 1 path depth more if you know what I mean?

I'm not aware of turning on any options to change the background colors when a filter is applied or source vs destinations sides. But maybe you can tell me where to find those and I will check!

The top level or a network device is delegated to Explorer. What happens when you go into a subfolder, i e. So you are below one of the shares and looking at real files and folders that Opus can do things with?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but the background color remains grey no matter how much sub folders I enter. Only the background color of the 'main page' of my NAS is white.

I'm giving this a bump, @Leo maybe you forgot about it?

That sounds correct: "The top level or a network device is delegated to Explorer."

I think there is an option to enable background colors in virtual folders, which may work well with your settings (since the text colour is still the standard black). My PC is in pieces at the moment so I can't check exactly where the option is. Shout if you can't find it and I'll look when I can.

That's ok I'm not in a hurry or anything. I don't know even know how to create a virtual folder. If you tell me how I'll check it out! :slight_smile:

I googled it and found an tried this:
C:>mklink /d \\zonal C:\Users\Zonal\'username'\

I also tried with the /h and /j commands, but it's not working. Probably because I'm doing something wrong! It does work with a local folder though, but not for a network location it seems...

The root of a network drive, where its shares are listed, is a virtual folder. (It's not a folder that really exists anywhere on disk.)

Some less virtual folders are delegated to the Windows shell, since Opus can't add much value to them and all you can do in them is double click to go somewhere else. The folder with the white background in your screenshot is one of them. You don't need to create one.

There's a Preferences option to apply the background settings to virtual folders. It has varying usefulness, since it can only change the background and not the text or other colors. So it's no use for light-on-dark themes. But it should work for your black on grey theme.

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Ah yes I found it, this will do fine! :wink: thanks

Funny side note, when you change the view to details the name pane remains white... lol
Any other view is fine!

But when I open it in a new tab, the default view is details again, can I change that?

The shell draws the sort column with a different background color to the others. AFAIK there's no way to tell it not to.

Saving the view mode for that type of folder should happen automatically when you change folders away from it:

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Yes thanks, this fixed it. Thought I already had the default view to 'list', apparantly not :slight_smile:

I chased my tail for quite awhile looking for this. Leo answered this earlier. Many thanks.

Preferences > Folders > Virtual Folders > "Treat all virtual folders as real". Then your average folder background will apply.

The way I see it: A virtual folder is not a real folder. It's just like a simulated filtered search that Windows does (i.e. the Recycle bin is not a folder; it's just a place showing what was "deleted" regardless of where it was deleted in the system).