Change default thumbnail of video file

Can the thumbnail of a video file be changed? Can Directory Opus help with this? I have some videos that I would like to show a different frame as the default thumbnail. Thanks

Opus can't do it directly, but I think there are tools which let you change the thumbnails which Windows generates. Opus will use the same thumbnails as long as the Movie plugin's configuration tells it not to generate the thumbnails itself.

I will find a tool that can change it. Thanks so much.

depending on how you like to manage your videos this might help. You need to put the video in a folder.

It would be handy if dopus had a option to use a sibling file to override the thumbnail.
If you had these two files, it could use the jpg as the thumb for the video instead of reading the one from the video.

  • MyVideo.mp4
  • MyVideo.jpg (or MyVideo.tmb)

That is super info. Just what I was looking for. Is a script like you link to how Adobe did this (pic)? Thanks

It is funny I have a FileMaker database I made years ago where I used the moviethumbnail app to generate thumbnails for videos. This is only time that I have heard of it used again. It makes sense because the users of Directory Opus seem to be so smart competent and informed about computer technology. Users in this community have shared knowledge about many great things not just Directory Opus. Thanks