Change icon of network folder

First, I want to thank @Jefff for his Dark Elegance Theme - The ultimate dark theme for DOpus it got me up and running on Opus really quickly. :+1:

Second, is there a way to change network folder icons, as shown in the attached picture? They cannot be customize as local files through desktop.ini.

What does the NetHome favorite there point to?

It connects to a NAS network folder \\XXX\NAS\home


Turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Cosmetic]: custom_network_folder_icons and it should work via the normal process.

Note that it has a performance overhead when reading network folders (should be OK on a LAN but may be quite bad on a slow network), and also means you're more likely to see 30 second freezes if something is displaying an icon for a folder on a server which is no longer accessible over the network.