Change the default folder icon in Opus

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I've read a few posts regarding this but I still can't work out what I have done wrong.

I have added two new registry string values as described by Leo (See link above).

...and here's the proof:

After a reboot, I still get my standard yellow icons. Any explanation why this won't work...?



Not sure why its not working... but probably not 'Opus'. If you open Windows Explorer you've probably still got the same yellow icons as well.

Correct, explorer displays the same yellow icons :frowning:

On XP (but not Vista) it looks like you have to rebuild the system Icon Cache for the new folder icons to take effect. Rebooting doesn't do it (and doesn't seem to be needed either) as the cache seems to survive reboots.

Use a tool like Microsoft's Tweak UI (click the Repair section in the tree, then Rebuild Icons).

I'll add this info to the FAQ once I've had dinner.

The FAQ is updated. Here's a screenshot of the relevant part of TweakUI in case it's useful:

I'd always wondered what the "rebuild icons" button was for. Thanks again Leo, it works a treat now.