Changing default view to sorting folders by name and files by date

I think I have the sort files by date modified configured, but still testing on different types of drives, SharePoint Zee Drive, network, local, OneDrive etc.

  1. But i don't see a way to sort the folders alphabetically

  2. In Folder, Folder Options I see where to set the column width for the file name so that i can always see full date modified.

a. How do i make that width the default?

b. Will changing from auto mess up using the same configuration on different size/resolution monitors?

See Folder Formats: Quick Guide

If you specify a size, it will be scaled to different DPIs, if that's what you're asking.

There are also other modes you can use to make a column use all available space without pushing other columns out of view. See the video at the bottom of the folder formats guide I linked above.

That worked fine. I removed some columns and also shortened the file name somewhat. I'll view the video you mentioned.

Thank you.

I watched the video section on setting info tips to show file name, six times until I realized what you meant info tips to display anything when hovering over a file.

That works fine. info tips for .pdfs only show file name, for Office documents more data is shown.

Question: in Folder, Folder Options am i supposed to see an "information" or "comments" column?