Clear All Metadata for All Files Ignoring Errors


I'm trying to clear all metadata for selected files by SetAttr META * command. If selection consists some files what has no metadata (e.g. *.txt) command does nothing: all metadata in all files remains the same. How can command ignore unsuitable files and clear all metadata for rest of files?


dopusrt /cmd SetAttr {filepath} META *
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It works! Thanks a lot!

But why doesn't work my option?

I guess

That is the internal command being clever, which usually makes sense but not in this case.

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Unfortunately, it worked on test files, but in the case of real files it causes the error.

Clipboard Image
(Translation: The object has no specified property set)

Is there a way to ignore such errors (automatically skip them)?

Isn't there a "skip all" in skip-pulldown-menu?

Sure! But I talk about some -ignore/-silence flag for SetAttr command to skip any interface interactions. I need to clear all metadata for whole batch of files and don't want to think what particular metadata can be applied for every file.
Moreover, which properties can't be applied to some files if I point all the metadata by *? Isn't * means ANY?

AFAIK SetAttr has got no such option. Maybe - as you said - anyone knows what's causing the error...

If you send us a file that the problem happens with and info on how to reproduce it, we can see if we can improve things. It may depend where the error is coming from, since third-party shell extensions can get involved with setting properties on some file types.

ExifTool will zap all metadata from all selected files with this line:

exiftool.exe -overwrite_original -all= -@ {allfilepath|filem}
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It's very good, but I don't want to use any external app while I have such powerful file manager as DOpus.

...but some small portable apps do enhance DO's functionality.

I like small useful utilities too. But this forum is dedicated to particular file manager, which in itself has a huge functionality and 100% overrides the metadata clearing. It just needs a little fix.

But especially everything with metadata can often be done easier and more extensive with additional tools (as usercommand/button in DO). And some can't actually be done without in DO (for example add coverart to FLAC). But Leo asked for a file to improve internal cmd, did you send him?

BTW this forum has always been for solving things with DO but also in combination with external tools.

I've sent file to Leo.

Maybe he'll find the issue, otherwise you may think of LXP's solution.

Tidying up some old threads and realised I had not replied to this one. Sorry for not replying sooner.

The PDF file you sent was bad. Neither Edge nor Chrome will view it, at least. Chrome gets stuck while Edge shows a message saying the file is corrupt.

The error message from Opus probably amounts to the same problem. Something's wrong with the file itself.