Clear filter when changing folders

I still use my precious Alphabet File & Folder Find toolbar all the time.
[url]Alphabet File & Folder Finder Toolbar v4]

I recently found a very useful purpose for my toolbar. This toolbar really shines when I remote desktop into windows from my android tablet. I use an app called Splashtop HD. It has a trackpad feature which makes it very easy to select files and folders from my toolbar just like a mouse. I also use an app called Rapfox ftp server. I can simultaneously run the ftp server and Splashtop on my tablet without a problem. You can utilize Directory Opus's FTP functionality. Quickly upload or download tv shows, pictures all from the comfort of your android tablet.

Problem: I find it very disorienting to go into a another folder with the filter still turned on while searching for files. My android tablet has a terrible keyboard which takes up too much screen space. I do not want to use a hotkey to turn the filter on and off. The trackpad is kind of slow, so I don't really want to use a button either.

Solution: I wish there was some command I could use to clear the toggled filters automatically on directory change.

Here is a sample code of my toolbar


Change the command to use the Quick Filter (the same filter set by the Filter Bar that appears when you push *):


(By default, that does both files and folders, so you only need one line instead of two.)

Then turn on Preferences / File Displays / Filter Bar / Clear Quick filter automatically when changing folders.

Thanks! That works great!!

I applied this to my toolbar I was wrong. It's not filtering correctly. It's hiding what I want to select.

I'm using


I want this to only show files/folders that start with the letter a for example. That command above does not work.

Use A* instead of ~(A*)

That works for folders but not files.

Is there a way to show both files and folders that start with the letter a and hide the rest?

It should do both by default.

Is it hiding files you want to see, or showing files you don't want to see?

Which icons are on in the Filter Bar when it appears?

It's showing files I don't want to see. I have all of the Filter bar icons on.

It should look like this:


@toggle Set QUICKFILTER D*

Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Filter Bar / Partial matching.

Oh, sweet works now!


My toolbar only works with partial matching turned off. Unfortunately, now I can't use the quick filter for anything besides my toolbar. I don't think very many users have partial matching turned off.

I need a new button modifier that allows me to turn off a toggle button on directory change. That way I can use my old command and keep partial matching enabled.



You can still use the filter bar with partial matching turned off, you just need to type the * at the end.

I don't want to have partial matching turned off though. I need it.

Just to be clear I have tried the command


with partial matching turned off. That does work for my toolbar... However, it's not very practical because you cannot use the quick filter for anything else. It completely destroys the point of even having a quick filter command for me.

If you don't like having to type the * at the end that's fine, but it's not true that you cannot use the quick filter for anything else - you can, you just have to type the *.

I'd rather not type * at the end of each quick filter search. I need to keep partial matching enabled. Hopefully you can create some other way :stuck_out_tongue: