Alphabet File & Folder Finder Toolbar v4

Need to quickly find a file/folder in your current directory?

Simply click the first letter of the file/folder you are trying to find on the AlphaFindV4 toolbar.

Why do I use it?

A. I often remote desktop with my android tablet using the Splashtop app. I find it much easier to navigate through folders using my Alphafindv4 toolbar with Splashtop's Trackpad mode enabled. My android keyboard takes up 50% of the screen, I rather not use it if I can help it.

Use your android smartphone/tablet with Directory Opus

B. Sometimes I have my feet on the desk. I find it kinda awkward to use a keyboard during this time. :grin:

Update: Using the latest Directory Opus (beta), AlphaFindV4 toolbar now works properly with partial matching enabled. Settings > Preferences > Filter Bar > Partial matching


  • Set QUICKFILTER command is used instead to automatically toggle off the filter on folder change. This makes it easier to find files in sub folders.



Download Opus 9 Unofficial Extra Icons v1.1 Here:

1. Extract AlphaFindV4.dop (23.1 KB)
2. Copy AlphaFindv4.dop to /dopusdata/Buttons
3. Go to Settings > Preferences > File Displays > Filter Bar
4. Match the settings as shown in the image below.


Really neat. I adapted your idea and made use of the three buttons feature. Thanks.

Why not just the built-in function by pressing the search string in the lister self? You can even use a syntax like day to find al files with the 'day' in the filename.

Hardcore but ingenious.

I use both, but when i want to find a folder quickly I'll just use a button.

When you want to find a file or folder you can type the first letter(s) of the name.
When you use the prefix * (asterisk) you filter on those letters.

If you did not hit Enter after typing the filter string (the filter textbox at the bottom stays open), pressing ESC will clear the filter.
Did you hit Enter (the filter textbox disappeared) then refresh using the F5 key will also clear the filter.

You can also type ** (instead of F5) to go back to showing everything. Same result but might be quicker in a big/slow folder that takes time to re-read.

Yes, I tested ** in a very large folder. Compared to F5 it is much faster. In a small folder I cannot notice any difference.
Thanks for sharing.


I am one of the rare (eccentric? ;D) people who find this very useful - especially in a folder full of 250+ mp3 folders it gets me exactly where I want to go without scrolling on end. Many thanks for that!

It may not be widely used because there are built-in functions. As I pointed out in an earlier post, you do not need toolbar. If you know which folder you want then you just type the first letter(s) and you jump directly to the folder starting with that letter.
If you use the asterisk than meets part of the name. If you are looking for a particular file or folder, then grouping by the first letter is not very useful. Especially not if you have hundreds of files with that letter.

Well to each his or her own I guess - I use this toolbar in certain situations.

I have one too and I love it. I don't always have my keyboard on my lap (yes, I recline in a home theater chair :wink:). So being able to quickly filter Files or Folders is very handy for me. I can click the top filter icon's to disable all filters. Plus those top icons help indicate which column is for Folders and which is for Files.

I'm not sure anymore if I used the posted script from the OP or if it was from someone else.

That was the first version I made. Give my new version a try :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I am more of a mouse person anyway - using Photoshop a lot. Plus I have three cats and there is a good chance one or two decide to take a nap on my lap LOL - now try typing with one hand, yikes :wink:

And I often work on a smaller laptop due to back pain when sitting at my desk. The laptop's fine, just the keyboard is really really tiny and does not compare to my wave pro keyboard.

Vertical layout looks really interesting, maybe I play with that! Since I have only a 10 inch screen on the laptop I have to use space wisely.

Here's how I have mine setup
1.Create a menu first
2.Inside the menu I have buttons with this function.

Toolbar "ToolbarNameHere" TOGGLE

3.The X button on the right of each toolbar has the function

Toolbar "ToolbarNameHere" CLOSE
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If it's useful to you at all, for the "toolbar close' X button on each toolbar, you can also run a command like toolbar local close name=*this... (you'd probably want to remove the 'local' arg since you seem to be toggling them 'on' globally and not locally). I just find it useful since if I add new toolbars I just copy that button to the new one, and if I rename toolbars - I don't have to go edit the close button on a renamed toolbar to reference the new name.

I quite like your layout jhn431 - I might copy that for my large display. I currently have a dropdown that lists all toolbars - since I keep too many backups LOL I might need to re-organize my launching.
Steje your code is very handy too, thank you.

I suppose the main disadvantage here over the "old" version is that one has to turn partial matching off. If one could quick filter on just the first letter would be ideal with partial matching enabled.