Clear search mru?

is it possible to not have the search window in dopus showing last searched results? i find it annoying to clean before doing a new search :-/ thx!

Just tick the clear previous results checkbox in either the Find dialog, or Find Panel.

im not talking about the results.. but in the name and content field it shows always latest used term. this means if i searched for a txt file with text "test" it will show "test" upon next launch and if i have to search for a filename i have to clear that first... it probably is very rare that im looking for the SAME file again so a empty search dialog would be more handy for me...

DOpus saves the last searched Name and Text in the file

..\Documents and Settings<your name>\Local Settings\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data\find.osd

If you open the XML file in Notepad, you will find the last searched Name and Text here:




Create a new MS-DOS Batch Function button with following code:

@nofilenamequoting @runmode HIDE del "{A|dopuslocaldata}State Data\find.osd" find

@Searcher123: I was also thinking of the Batch Function you posted, but I didn't post it because when you just delete find.osd, all your
settings (clear previous results / show results in / search inside subfolders etc..) are also deleted! I think this is a better way:

  • Backup your find.osd

  • Edit find.osd in notepad and just delete Name and Text

  • Save the modified find.osd somewhere (for example c:\find.osd)

  • create a button to replace (not delete) the find.osd with the modified one -> launch the find window

Here you are :smiley:
The attached will clear just Name and Text elements as you say.

Put ClearFind.exe in System32 dir and create a new key with following code:

@nofilenamequoting ClearFind "{A|dopuslocaldata}State Data" 3

The syntax of ClearFind.exe is:

ClearFind.exe <find.osd path>

<find.osd path> refer to the path of State Data dir without find.osd name.
describes the cleaning type and is 1, 2 or 3.

1 means just Name matching field must be cleared.
2 means just Containing text field must be cleared.
3 means both field must be cleared.

Before cleaning the fields, find.osd will be backed-up under find.osd_old name too.

No need to say that if you copy ClearFind.exe in other dirs except System32, you should use full path to the program in above code.

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Oh my God, :open_mouth: The forum ate my file :exclamation:
Now again.

Find was missed in my previous code. :blush:

Right code is:

@nofilenamequoting ClearFind "{A|dopuslocaldata}State Data" 3 find (240 KB)

FWIW: I have a pristine 'golden' Opus config backup file (OCB) which has all of the various MRU type things cleaned out, along with my 'preferred' settings etc.

Opus also let's you run Copy commands against OCB files which are just zipped archives, in order to copy out individual files from within the archive without extracting the 'entire' archive... So for instance, if like me you were to keep a golden copy of your overall Opus config in a static location, you could selectively restore pieces you want with a command like:

Copy FILE "D:\prefs\my dopus settings.ocb\state data\find.osd" TO "/dopuslocaldata\state data"

Not that any of the 'other' methods mentioned here aren't just as good... This way just re-uses things you already have on hand... i.e. native Opus commands and existing config backups... You ARE keeping regular config backups aren't you...? AREN'T YOU??? - :laughing:

Yes, this is the best way of doing it. ClearFind.exe is just a compiled script?

thanks guys.. but actually just have an option in dopus preferences to not save last term would be a lot better :stuck_out_tongue: i personally never need that.

Since nobody else seems to have done so yet I have filed a feature request with GPSofware along these lines. I'd find it useful as well.

I can't tell you how many times I've had an advanced find keyed and forgotten that I had set it. Then I do various searches coming up with no matches. The resulting decisions that I make are often not those I would have made if I had realized the existence of something. Even resulting in devastating results requiring restoration of various files.

This is a bug in my opinion not a feature and it should be corrected post haste.

It seems as I look through the various posts that almost every aspect of the find needs to be cleared not just the filename or text fields. And there seems to be some chronic issues with the theory of retaining prior search data including my own.

In my opinion the search should not retain any values:

  • no prior directories
  • no prior filename
  • no prior text
  • no dates
  • no prior adavnced search data rows

The advanced tab and the dates are especially easy to over look creating unexpected results.

The only retention should be the option boxes.

If someone wants to save search data from one execution to the next they should have a "save" function as there is under the advanced tab.

The Advanced tab has no effect on the Simple tab (and vice versa).

That's surprises me. I would've thought they would've been ANDed together. I think it's good that they aren't ANDed but I can see how it might be confusing to a user too.

My particular experience was that I had some other field that needed to be cleared as well which reminded me to clear the "advanced tab" figuring that it would work as I mentioned.

Thanks for the info.

PS Since I have your attention. I really wish there was a way of selecting by group rather than type (or both would be fine as well). For example building a filter to list all movies can be quite cumbersome because of all the various types (avi, mpg, mpeg, etc) whereas if I could use the "Movie" group I would only have to specify one line as opposed to potentially 15 or 20 lines.

You can select by group. If you have the Find As You Type field enabled then you can type :grp:Movies to select the Movies group.

Also note: I don't write Opus (this is a user-to-user forum) and please start new threads for unrelated questions. You'll get my attention wherever you post since I read every thread and keeping threads on-topic makes the forum easier to search.

It is on topic. It's all about the Find command.

I'm not familiar with what you're referring too.

Oh, finding by group. You said selecting which confused me.

(I was talking about this.)

(It's still off topic. This thread is about clearing the Find history, not about the Find tool in general. People searching the forums won't want to read every thread about finding/searching to find a particular answer and will ignore a thread about MRU if they're trying to find out how to find a filetype group. On the other hand, people trying to find out about clearing the Find history won't want to read through interwoved posts about finding filetype groups. I thought the FAQ I linked explained this stuff in depth.)

I don't know of a way to use groups in the Find tool. If you want to do that then you should send a feature request to GPSoftware. Including groups in the Type drop-down would make sense.