CLI QUICKGO not working with network paths


when opening a tab with Ctrl+T Dopus opens the "QuickGo" field. See below

I use this to quickly go to a new path/file in a new tab. This works fine with almost all paths except network paths. Pasting a destination which is a file on a local drive Dopus opens the folder and higlights the file. Perfect.

Doing the same with a network path, i.e. \server\path\file I get the following error

It reads: "[..] The folder name is invalid (267)[..]"


Do you mean when the current folder is a network path, or when you paste a network path into the Go field?

Both seem to work okay here.

Does it happen if the command just runs "CLI QUICKGO" without the newtab stuff?

Latter one does not work

Have to check.

Is the path actually valid? Can you paste it into the location field in Opus? What about into Windows Explorer?


Same result, i.e. error.

Opens the file normally.

Sorry, I didn't realise that we were talking about file (not folder) paths until now when I re-read the thread.

I can reproduce the problem now.