Clicking 'File' menu results in 'Not Responding'

hi all.
very new user (4 days in to trial).
i love it when it works but it hangs a lot for me. i commented in this thread thinking the instructions there had fixed the issue but alas they did not.
every so often when i click 'File' top-left. the app crashes and i need to kill it.

i don't seem to be able to find the log (not in the 'Directory Opus' err, directory at least).

It'll probably be a third party context menu going wrong. By default, the File menu includes the context menu for the selected items, which you normally see when right-clicking things.

This FAQ covers how to track down the cause:

You can also send us process snapshots which often let us identify the cause:

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excellent info, thank you. much to investigate as a result.
i hadn't thought of a file being 'highlighted' when i was clicking the File menu.