Color labels like OS X

Is there a way for me to pick different colors for files and folders? see I have a mac at home. I don't actually need color labels on it, but for some reason I think they'd be useful on my machine at work.

I'd like a different icon for Dopus too. The blue always throws me off. At first glance I think the minimized icon is my Thunderbird. or visa versa. I'm still used to the yellow folder icon of Explorer.

You can change the colour of all four lister icons (source, dest, off and dual) in:

Preferences // Display // Colors & Fonts

Just select "Lister Window Icons" from the dropdown.

You can change the icon for folders via the properties dialog (same way you would in Explorer). Hit F5 afterwards to force a refresh since the folder icon change won't be reflected automatically.

You can also change the text label colour for different types of file using the Opus FileTypes editor, but you can't change the label colour for individual files or folders.

(If you want to change the label colours for all items then you use the same part of Preferences as Tanis pointed to for changing the icon colours.)