Colored items after PC has woke up


I noticed several times now, when PC woke up from hibernation, that files and folders of the listers are colorized, violet in my case. Those files are located on my (Synology) NAS, the drive letter is mapped to a network share.

The appropriate drive letter is still available, at least after clicking on the toolbar button.
However, no matter how often I click on this button or when colosing and opening DO, those items are still colorized this way. By closing I mean exit DO completely.

Windows Explorer shows a similar but not colorized of course, view, regarding the file and folder icons.

So I guess the source of DO's behaviour is within Windows 10, right?
The NAS runs Samba and does not support DFS (Distributed File System), btw.

OK, this seems reasonable for local drives but not for files that are located on e.g. my Samba share.

OTH, when opening the same location at the same time, using DO on a second PC, DO nor Windows Explorer do show compressed files, nor is their attribute compression active.

There must be another reason why, let's day Windows in this case, gets confused after the wake up... I intentionally said Windows because DO obviously "simulates" the Windows behaviour or uses standard API for fetching file attributes.

So this still leaves the question: what happens with Windows during or after hibernation?

If you turn on the attributes column, do the pink thing have the C (compressed) attribute set?

Yes, they have. Please see the Screenshot in my first posting.
Rest assured, that those files are not compressed though.

Opus is showing them purple because the operating system is saying they have the Compressed attribute set.

You can turn off the color in Opus, or work out why the OS isn't doing what you expect it to (but that's not an Opus issue).

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