Column: FileInfo (number of lines, EOL line-endings, encoding of text files, more..)

A set of columns providing information about files.

Lines - number of lines
Rating - rating (stars) of items
EOL - line endings (UNIX, PC etc.)
Encoding - file encoding (UTF8-BOM, UTF16 etc.)
FirstLine - first line of text/ascii files

Add your own file extensions in case they are not pre-configured yet in the script config section.
Original idea by Kundal (and a button version as well): Text file line count
This version adds script config, some extensions, supports 0byte -> 0lines, is case-insensitive and 33% faster (noticeable for bigger files).
Encoding detection is stolen and reshaped from user Qiuqiu (Column text file encoding).

To install the column, download the *.js.txt file below and drag it to Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts.
After that, right click any listers column header and add the columns from the "Scripts -> FileInfo" submenu.


v1.3.3 / 2017.11.20 - new column Rating, fix for uppercase file extensions being ignored
Column.File_FileInfo.js.txt (21.4 KB)

v1.3.1 / 2016.12.07 - new column FirstLine
Column.File_FileInfo.js.txt (16 KB)


Updated to v1.2:

  • converted to js
  • added EOL column to detect line endings (quite a basic implementation)
  • added Encoding column, core logic stolen from user qiuqiu (Column text file encoding)
  • added qiuqiu's list of file extensions and some others as well
  • native url (data.url) added

Great idea and great stuff! :thumbsup:

Man, you and others keep coming up with great script ideas.
I haven't kept up with all the new creations since writing the pages about scripts and the file naming convention thingy on dearOpus. Need to look at all the new goodies and update, will try to do that soon.

Thanks for all the great scripts. I use ListerDoubleClick constantly.

I should report that a file that EditPad Pro sees as UTF-8 / No BOM shows up with a question mark.

Also: added FileInfo to that very page. Need to make time to explore all the other cool stuff.

Thanks! o) That's currently by design, since proper detection of UTF-8 NoBOM always involves analysis of file content and a good portion of guessing and assuming the right thing. The Encoding column currently does not use very sophisticated methods to detect the encoding, it just checks for existing BOMs. But: If you look at the source, you'll find a "todo" entry to eventually add the "magic" which Editpad Pro and others use to also detect UTF-8 for NoBOM files "correctly". Cannot say when this will happen though, support for analysing any kind of file data by DO is given, so.. o)

Makes complete sense, thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:

No BOM can only guess.

:smiley: :smiley:

Updated to v1.3.1:

  • added another column "FirstLine"

EDIT: Correction for column name.

Updated to v1.3.1

  • added "R" rating column
  • fix for uppercase file extension being ignored
  • XLog added

There you go! o)
Danke für's Bescheid geben! o)

What's an R rating in terms of text files? I haven't heard of that before.

Now that you ask, I probably should edit some more text in the initial posting. It's an attempt to show exactly what the regular Rating column shows, just with plain text/numbers (5 stars = "5"). I'm not sure yet this works 100%, as my impression is, that there is no way to get the very same rating via scripting? The column also is not restricted to text files, misleading description, will fix! o)

OtherMeta.rating should give you the rating in numeric format.

Yes, I think that's what's used right now. But a past investigation showed, that rating can be in meta.doc as well for the same type of files, while meta.other being null/undefined. So the question is, what "chain" does DO run through to determine the rating for the rating column. Is it meta.other first, then meta.doc or the other way round? What about ratings in etc.. You know what I mean? I probably can check them all, but I think the determined rating can still be different to what DO shows in the native Rating column - maybe I'm wrong here. I remember it being difficult to yield the same rating values. It's some months since then.. don't mind me talking bs. o)

Not sure, but if it is doing that then the main Metadata object's string value will tell you which sub-type to go for, which is probably the best bet to pick up the rating from.

@tbone - the FirstLine column seems not to work.

What file extension/encoding is affected?
It works here, although i can see some issues with BOMs and utf8/utf16.