Column for "Length" metadata filed for .MOV files

In the file properties dialog under Details tab I can see the Length metadata field:


However when I go to folder options I cannot find this field (below)
Should I be able to see it?
With thanks for any reply as always...

Try the 'duration' column.

Thanks @blueroly I treid that it does not populate...

Strange. Works fine here.


Hmm. that is strange indeed. And helpful to know thank you.
Time to cogitate on how to repair....

If the Movie plugin is disabled, that would break the built-in Duration column for mov files.

It also depends on the state of the video codecs/splitters installed on the system.

You could use this as an alternative, since the File Explorer "Length" column is working for you in the Properties dialog:

Thank you.
With your help I disapbed the movies plugin so they do not play.
All good thank you both