Columns layout (sorry if not correct terminolgy)

I am new to DO (Directory Opus), and am running the Trial of DO 12 Pro
I reckon I will purchase, but one thing is driving me crazy -
I am running with two horizontal panes (with single tree on the left), and hoping to use "Tab Groups"
The auto sizing of Columns, and the insistence on them, going to the far right is driving me crazy (I have to scroll right to drag them back left into view) .
I do not wish any fancy auto sizing, OR auto selection of formats.
I wish to define the width of the Name Column, Ext Column, Size column, and date created column.
I wish to see that exact layout every time I open (I browse to) any folder, and also when I swap to another Tab group.
I do not want the name column becoming as wide as Texas, causing all the other columns to be off screen to the right.
Is that possible ?

Thanks anyone,

This post has a step-by-step guide on how to set up a single folder format that will be used in all folders:

In the same dialog where you do that, you can specify whether each column is auto-sized or a fixed size. The columns' current sizes are automatically added to the drop-down for selection, or you can type over them with a specific pixel width if you want something different.

There are also options to auto-size columns up to a limit, or until they run out of space, which can give you the best of both worlds:

Thanks Leo,
I will keep this for later study.
I suspect I was doing all (most of) that before.
I believe it was retaining the widths (all of which I set instead of using "Auto")
It is just the Name column that insists on being twice the width of my screen
Lying in bed this morning, I had the bright idea to move the Ext column hard left.
Just tried that, and it now appears to be remembering my column widths and positions.
I just closed and reopened, and also jumped Tab groups, and it is doing what I want.
It was bordering on a deal breaker for me, so I won't experiment further to confirm my theory (THAT - moving 'Ext' hard left, fixed my problem).

Thanks for posting,
PS The reason that I decided to give your program a full Trial, was your program is the only one I have found, that handles Favorites properly (viz sub Favorite folders).
And then when I explored your Tab groups, that further enhances the way I can save/open pre arranged sets)