Command line to launch Opus and display only *.mp3?

Got tired of searching and trying things; thought I'd just ask:

What would be a Command Line to launch Directory Opus, go to a folder, display only the *.mp3 files?

So far I've got:

"C:\Program Files\Opus9\dopus.exe" "\\GARY\David\Susan\Audio"

but I don't know how to display only the *.mp3 files.

With the command line, you could use dopusrt

  1. Create a new user command settings -> customize -> commands tab -> user > click the new user command icon and use this code:

GO "\\GARY\David\Susan\Audio" Set VIEWFILTER *.mp3
2. Create a new shortcut using this code:

"C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd <your new user command name>

or just:

dopusrt.exe /cmd <your new user command name>

Also have a look here: [url]Sending multiple commands with 'dopusrt.exe /cmd']

Sorry, your shortcut code must be:

"C:\Program Files\Opus9\dopusrt.exe" /cmd <your new user command name> :wink:

Am I correct in understanding dopus.exe only accepts a directory as a parameter?


Also, using dopusrt.exe is more efficient if Opus is already running.

OK so far. I noticed it opened in an existing lister, so tried adding NEW to the GO command:GO NEW "\\GARY\David\Susan\Audio"
but that didn't work, so tried putting NEW at the end and that worked:GO "\\GARY\David\Susan\Audio" NEW

Then tried to add Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS which works by itself on a separate button I made, but doesn't work altogether as part of the single command:GO "\\GARY\David\Susan\Audio" NEW Set VIEWFILTER *.mp3 Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS
Not sure why this doesn't work. Do I need some sort of delay before doing Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS?