Command to open file on a specific monitor

Greetings! I have been experimenting with scripting but I've hit a wall. I am trying to create a button in Dopus that will launch a file on a different connected monitor than the one that the current lister is shown on (I have two monitors). Can I launch a file to be displayed on a specific monitor in a multiple-display system?

Thank you.

When you say launch a file do you mean view an image (or something else) in the Opus image viewer? Or do you mean to run a separate program?

I'm trying to launch two images at the same time full-screen with the Opus image view by clicking a button in the lister. I'd like to launch one image on monitor#1 and the second image on monitor #2. I've been able to successfully launch two images full-screen simultaneously but I can't get the 2nd image on the 2nd monitor.

You can use the POS and SIZE arguments for the Show command to control the window position when it opens.

You can use the SysInfo script object to query the size and positions of the monitors in your system (to avoid having to hard-code the sizes).

You might also like to see Display two pictures side by side in Standalone viewer as it's similar to what you're after.

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Perfect, I used the POS command and it works perfectly now. Thank you so much! :sunglasses: