Compare files from 'Confirm File Replace' dialog?

Would it be possible to provide a compare file functionality that could be launched when Directory Opus displays a pop-up asking for confirmation to replace a file. Would be nice if this compare program could be configurable to use other 3rd party programs like Beyond Compare.

You can do this already, although it's a somewhat hidden feature:

Settings > File Types, then as in the screenshot below:

Use the diff/comparison tool(s) of your choice. You can set up multiple items if you want the choice of different tools for different situations.

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As you say, a somewhat hidden feature but a very useful one now that it's no longer hidden! In all my years of using Directory Opus I never knew that you could right click on the Existing or New file icon to pop up a context menu. :grinning: :+1:

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Thanks for responding and glad there is a work-around. However, still believe that a UI improvement to add this 'Compare' button would be beneficial to all users.

I agree UI improvement is needed here, these days UI should facilitate feature discovery, otherwise all the effort of feature implementation is in vain if users don't even know it's there :slight_smile:

I know it's a small convenience feature added at one point "if you need it it's there", but over time these tend to accumulate so UI needs to adapt to accomodate them (hint for Opus 13 :smiley: ).

I think Beyond Compare is not free -- are there any applications that are particularly suitable for this feature that are freeware? Thanks.

Several. Try WinMerge.

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