Computer freezes after wake from sleep

It has taken me awhile to identify what I believe to be either directly or indirectly linked to Directory Opus v12.9 Build 6724. Ever since updating to Directory Opus v12.9 Build 6724, I have been having issues with my computer waking from sleep.

A few seconds (maybe 30 seconds) after I wake my computer from sleep, Windows 10 64-bit freezes/hangs/becomes irresponsive, and I am forced to restart. I always have multiple tabs open in Directory Opus, which rarely gets closed, and I have noticed sometimes before Windows 10 hangs, that a lister is blank.

So, for the last few days, before putting my computer to sleep, I have closed down Directory Opus, and when I wake it up the following day, it wakes normally without any problem.

Any ideas if or why Directory Opus may be a link to this problem?

Opus (or any other user-level software) should not be able to cause the entire operating system to hang, if you mean a real hang like the mouse pointer will not even move.

For that to be happening, there must be a low-level problem with the OS itself, or components like hardware drivers or antivirus which can lock everything up if they go wrong.

On the other hand, if the computer isn't completely freezing but things like the Start Menu or some programs are freezing, there's probably a shell extension or similar component going wrong which all the different software is calling into, and is freezing them all. (Software that hooks the way windows behave, or modifies look & feel in general, could also be involved.)

Opus may be doing something which triggers the problem, but it won't be the underlying cause of a problem like that.

If the computer still functions enough to use Task Manager, you can use it to create a process dump which we may be able to look at and see what is freezing. If you can, it would make sense to create dumps of a few different processes that are frozen (e.g. any explorer.exe processes) as well as the dopus.exe process, so we can look for components they are all calling into at once.

Instructions on how to manually create a dump using Task Manager can be found here:

For any type of freeze, you should also look in Event Viewer, in the System and Application logs, to see if any information is in there. Windows will sometimes log the cause of freezes there, or other errors leading up to them which may indicate where the problem is coming from.

Thanks for the tips.
Yes, I have looked in Event Viewer, but haven't really been able to identify anything.
I have done a clean installation of my GeForce drivers. I might even try a previous version.

But even today, it woke from sleep with no problem as Directory Opus was closed prior to Windows 10 sleeping.

I'll keep looking.