Content Threshold problem

I have a problem with Preferences/Folders/Folder Formats/(Images)/Options Tabs/ ** Content Threshold **

The problem is that for normal directory with a bunch of sub-folders and a single image (or more images even), anthing less than 100% content threshold causes the lister to switch to content aware "image" format.

One could have 500 subfolders and a single image in the folder, and Content threshold will trigger it as an "Images" folder.

Its not like this is such a big hassle, as I can just go back up a directory and click "format lock" and then go back into it. But it is a bit annoying.

There should be an option in the "Content Threshold" setting to "Include subfolders when calculation threshold.

Researching the problem, I see some other people were having potentially related problems.
For example:

Jon states in the 10th post of that thread:
"Subfolder contents aren't counted" which clued me in to exactly the problem was in the first place...

If there is not fix for this, I'll probably make a request for it.

Perhaps it should have a minimum file count as well as the threshold or something.