Convert a button to a menu button

Hi, lovely people!

I've been wondering for ages whether there is a way to convert a button to a menu button, like there is to convert a menu to a menu button. I haven't found one.

Menu right-click menu in customize mode: Option to convert to Menu Button
Capture 2021-06-08 19-03-57

Button right-click menu in customize mode: No such thing

This seems like such a straight forward thing!
In case I'm not just overlooking something: Why isn't that a thing yet, and can we please have that?

:blush: Thank you for all the good work
Much appreciation


Nobody? :confused:

There's isn't a quicker way to do that. You'd need to create a button-menu and then copy the command for the top-level button.

And image, 2nd image, label, description, etc.
May we please have a conversion in a future version? Pretty please? :blush: