Copy All Metadata From One File To Another

I read the "Programmatic setting of Metadata" page on the help file and I could not find a way to copy all metadata (including extended properties and labels) from one file to another.

I did not look at scripting yet.

I am looking specifically to copy metadata from movie files, so I need something like

SetAttr {$y} META "copyfrom:8,{$x}"

but that also copies extended properties and labels.

To help me on this, I guess the developers could include one or two new types for "copyfrom", so the table on that help page would have something like:

Type; Category; Copies
15; Extended Metadata; Comment, Rating, Tags
16; Label; Labels

Also, it would be handy to have a "Copy All Fields" (including extended properties and labels) when dropping a file on the "Set Metadata" panel.

If this can't be done, then I guess I could write a scripting solution.

Is one of these meant to say the reverse? I am not sure what is being asked as it sounds like it already does what you want. Apologies if I am misreading or confused myself.

If you want to copy comment/rating/tags/labels separately or in addition to other things, that should be possible via a script. If you look at the root post of Scripts (JS & VBS) Snippet: Enumerating files and metadata tags, the second half starting with heading Other types of metadata tags: has some relevant code for reading and writing certain metadata values.

I tried to convey that I wanted something similar in syntax and that also did more than what the example when execute.

Later I tried to describe an also acceptable functionality that does not follow literally what I previously said that I wanted.

Sorry for writing in a convoluted manner, there is no need for you to apologize.

Yes, I remember reading that topic. I am going to procede on the "write a script" route. Thank you for your input.