Copy As / Move As transfers and then deletes from destination

Hi, occasionally (quite often) when I use the 'Copy As' or 'Move As' function, the transfer will take place from source to destination but as soon as it's complete, the destination copy will be deleted.

If I repeat the operation, it works fine on this attempt.

v12.16 x64
Build 7143 23/07/2019 12:02:54


What type of drive are you writing to (and from)? Is it a NAS device? Or a USB device, FTP site, etc.?

Is any error message displayed?

Does this only happens with Copy As abs Move As, not with basic Copy and Move?

If it happens when moving, and the source file isn't deleted, then it must mean there was an error and the move eas cancelled. Is any error message shown?

What happens if you try copying the same files to the same place using File Explorer?

Hi Leo,

I've seen this happen copying from Hard Drive to Hard Drive (same or different device) and from Hard Drive to Network Drive.

No error is shown, when I use 'Copy As' now, I have verify that the destination file has been finalised otherwise I have to retry the action.

Copying using Explorer is fine, although I'd say it's difficult to recreate as it usually works on the second attempt.


If you can get a Process Monitor log of the problem occurring, and tell us the name and path of the source/destination files, we can use that to try and work out why it's failing.

The type(s) of files involved may also play a part, particular with antivirus scanners that can do strange things when a newly written file handle is closed and they then scan the file.