Copy FILEINFO to Clipboard

I have searched all over the forums to find info about this, plus tried several commands myself, but could not figure out how to do this.

What I want to be able to do is copy various file information to the clipboard.

For example:

I want to be able to select multiple files and copy their file names and size to the clipboard, so it looks like this

3DO-World Cup Special - Striker (U)(3XRep).arc 355MB
3DO-World Cup Special - Striker (U)(3XRep) 300MB
3DO-World Cup Special - Striker (U)(3XRep).arc.rzm 315MB

Or be able to copy just the file size, or version of a file, etc.

I know the FILEINFO command plus it's various types {blah} must be involved somehow, but I cannot figure out the proper use.

Is there any way to do this?

Appreciate any help

Tools / PrintFolder allows you to 'print' file information to the clipboard.

PrintFolder, as Steve suggests, is what I use for infrequent / ad-hoc info-to-clipboard tasks.

If it's something you need to do often then it might be worth creating a one-click button to do it. My Copy IMG links to Clipboard with Width and Height button could be adapted to copy different details to the clipboard. (Shout if you want it but don't know VBScript. It won't take long to do.)

For single files, a handy hint is that you can push Ctrl-Shift-C while their tooltips are showing to copy the tooltip text to the clipboard. The tooltip contents can be configured for each file type so that can be a quick way to get file details, but only for one file at a time.

Thanks Leo and Steve for the answer.

Leo, I would appreciate a little extra help as I do not know VBScript yet (On my to do list).

Is there any way you could set up a template button to to copy different pieces of file info to the clipboard (Tab Separated) , so I could just change the file info identifier to create the various buttons I would need.

Some Samples(Different Formats by Line):
{name} {size}
{prodname} {prodversion} {companyname}
{name} {created} {modified}
{name} {md5sum}

I do not know if this is possible but would appreciate any info.