Copy files from collection to new drive recreating the same folder structure in destination

I have used Find Files to find a lot of files. I have added Location, Parent Location to the lister view.

I group the find results which is a Collection using the Parent Location or Location etc. and collapse all the groups. This shows me the Group Header with count of files.

I want to select multiple groups from this collection and copy to another drive or folder and recreate the original folder structure for each file including subfolders and nested folders etc.

When I select multiple groups headers, Directory Opus does not allow me to drag and drop to destination folder leave aside the recreate folder structure.

How do I achieve copying multiple files by selecting on group headers from a collection to another destination folder with recreating the same folder structure.

I saw a similar thread at

but cannot make out how to actually use it. If you have some step by step video tutorial for same, it will be very helpful. If not, at least a step by step description on how to make it work preferably with screen images will be useful too.

I want something similar to XCOPY with /s /e /v /f but on multiple group headers from the collection.

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way depends a bit on what kind of Find you've done. Can you give some more detail?

If it's a simple case of copying everything below a certain folder which matches a wildcard or similar, that's easy to do, and doesn't require you to even do the Find first.

If you know how many levels you want/need/have, you can modify this example

If you do not AND you must copy from a collection, you'll probably need a script to create the new folder structure.

So, skipping Find and using Copy with a filter might be easier.

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I have more or less similar requirement mentioned in the specified link.

I search for all files using find files with a particular extension e.g. *.pdf or *.xls* or *.zip etc. That is my original collection result. As I have added columns for location and parent location and grouped by location or parent location and collapsed all groups it will show me count of pdf or xls* or zip under each group header. I then select multiple group headers (essentially this means I select multiple locations or parent locations but exclude some).

What I want to do is copy (or move) all the files within these selected group headers to destination lister using some mechanism using Directory Opus and the destination should have exactly same folder structure including nested folders or subfolders as was available in source.

I have two basic questions.

  1. Are there any file operations that are not possible or not available when I select multiple files from a collection vs which are available when I select multiple files from a normal lister (read folder)

  2. Is it possible to select multiple group headers (each group with multiple files in it) from a collection and do the following file operations on it.
    a. Using drag and drop to another lister
    b. Using right click context menus available

If you just want to copy all *.pdf files (or similar) below the selected folders, keeping the hierarchy intact, then that's easy, and covered by the post you first linked to.

Make a button which runs Copy FILTER *.pdf, select the folders on the left and have the destination on the right, then click copy.

You don't need to do a Find first (and shouldn't). The copy command will do the filtering for you.

You can also define filters on the fly, without having to create special buttons for them. See Filtered Operations in the manual, although it's really just a case of turning on the Copy Filter option before doing the copy, which will make it so Opus asks you to set up a filter when you click the normal copy button.