Crash after installing update but not rebooting

If I install an Opus update but don't reboot, the dopus_main thread will crash with error 0xc0000005 after a short while.

I can send another crash dump if you can't reproduce, but I sent one already (after updating to 11.5.6 or 11.5.7) to Jon and Leo when I first reported the crash with ActiveState Perl and Dynamic renamer script.

Not a major issue as after rebooting the issue disappears, but it shouldn't be happening.

The dopus team is likely going to answer: "The reboot is required, if you do not follow the installation/update instructions, you're on your own."
It is like it is, but rebooting for DO to update is really worth the hassle I think! It actually can create some kind of enjoyable tension, try it! o)

As you have been told this is the bit that "shouldn't be happening". (Do you also disregard Windows updates when they throw up the same message?)

If you want more on this topic, there are regular discussions here.

Here is one from a month ago:

Directory Opus Resource Centre • View topic - DO crashes after upgrade w/o restart

Thanks for the link MK.

I understand why a reboot is necessary, but still think it shouldn't crash (I haven't come across any other app that crashes if you select Reboot Later after an upgrade). Windows has never crashed after updates without reboot (at least it wasn't obvious).

I assume there is something that the Opus installer has to change immediately which results the crash, and this change cannot be deferred until the actual reboot/next boot ?

If the reboot is so crucial, there shouldn't even be the option to "Reboot Later". If you can't remove this option, then the text should stress that Opus will crash until you reboot.

The installer doesn't ask you to reboot just for fun. We can't guarantee how things will work when only some of the components have been replaced, and you need to reboot to let all of them be replaced and complete the update.

Obviously there is not usually a crash, as people appear to have been ignoring the reboot requirement until now and running half-updated versions without problems until this surprise, but you were just getting lucky and it's not something we can guarantee or realistically engineer for.

Removing the option to reboot later at the end of an update would enrage a huge number of people, and for what benefit? That does not seem a good idea. Sometimes you start installing something while still doing other things, and need to finish them before you do the reboot, and we are not going to take that option away. Even if we did, people could leave the installer on the last step, drag the window out of the way, and try to run the half-installed program (which is the same as not rebooting and running the program is today).