Crash at startup

I have Dopus set to load automatically at system startup. Occasionally (maybe once or twice a week) Dopus will get an error when it is starting up which causes it to terminate. I can restart it manually by clicking on the desktop icon and it starts without any problem.

I did not get the exact error because I could not select the text in the error message box. I thought I could just go to the event log and find it there, but I was unable to find anything in the event log(s). The error said it needed to terminate a thread, which might cause the application to be unreliable. When I continued, DOPUS shut down.

When Dopus starts in this condition the file lister is empty and the folder tree has just 4 items: File Collections is one of them, I do not remember the other three but all were system level - no disk folders.

I will try to get more/better info when it happens again, but in the meantime I thought maybe the above would be enough if this is a known issue.

Either of both of these may prove helpful:

[ul][li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories[/li]
[li]Crash dumps for bug reports[/li][/ul]

OK, I have the two dump files zipped. What email address do I use to send them to you?

Please send them to

(It may take a few days to look at them, at the moment.)

Email sent.

A possible fix for this will be in 11.4.1 beta. (It won't be in 11.4 stable, as the change is too new, but we'll put out a beta shortly after that which will include it.)

It's only a "possible" fix as I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, but the crash dumps pointed towards a place where we've added extra checks which should prevent the problem, if it is what it looks like.

Please let us know if you still see the problem in 11.4.1 beta or later versions.

PS: If you set Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: win7_show_sharing_overlays = False it should also prevent the problem in current/earlier versions.

Leo, I do have that set to TRUE, but I do NOT have the Show shortcut arrows and other icon overlays option checked on the Folder Display page. The manual suggests that this second option disables the win7 option even if it is set to TRUE.

I think only the option I mentioned would affect the crash.

No worries. I set it to false. I'll see what happens. Though I haven't had a problem in the past week.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I get this problem too with Opus 12.6 (x64) and earlier builds. I'm running on Win7 64-bit, and I have Opus set to start when the system boots. I get this crash around once a week on average.

Having just found this thread, I've changed the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: win7_show_sharing_overlays setting to false, and we'll see what happens.

Let me know if you'd like the crash-dumps :slight_smile:

Right, just crashed again with that flag set to false :frowning:

The best places to start if you are experiencing crashes (which are usually caused by shell extensions):

Please start a new thread with any findings, as the crash you're seeing is probably unrelated to what this thread was about. The issue this thread was about was fixed a few years ago and should not be what you're running into now.