Crash in 12.2.5

This happened when I accidently activated mixed mode for an extremely large folder and the clicked cancel while the subfolders have been read. After that, Dopus started to browse and perform stuff and was unresponsive for minutes. I just left the process and was hoping the he become responsive again. Instead, I got the following crash after some minutes have passed:

Regarding the call-stack, it seems it's probably something in the dopus code this time. I don't have any symbol information, so I posted the mini-dump to you guys by mail.

Kind regards.

Thank you for the report and crash dump. We've found the likely cause of the crash and will have a fix for it in 12.2.6.

Thanks a lot for checking. Always good to have this stuff fixed, even if this one occurs very rarely.

Many thanks for the fix in 12.2.6. Especially the fact, that Dopus now immediately cancels the operation when the cancel button is pressed while directories are read is a big step forward! In previous versions sometimes I had to wait for minutes when there have been many matches.

Therefore I can't test exactly what I did in 12.2.5 but I've played around with that for some time and couldn't reproduce any issues. The new behaviour is a thousand times better - thanks:)