Crash when right-clicking files (Notepad++ shell extension)


I have a problem with Directory Opus Light version 12.3.6.
Right-clicking on a specific file will crash.
There was a description of the solution below.

However, [Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced] menu does not exist in the Light version.
How can I solve this problem?

Thank you for reading.

The Advanced/Debugging mode isn't present in the Light version, unfortunately.

But if the crash has generated crash dumps then please zip and email them to us and we may be able to tell you which shell extension is causing the problem (assuming it is a shell extension issue; right-click crashes normally are).

Hello Leo,
Thank you for your reply.

I looked for one or more .dmp files.
But, The hierarchy of under "%TEMP%" path does not exist "DOpus.Minidumps".
I have searched for .dmp files but it does not exist.

What should I do? Are there any settings to output dumps?

They would be automatically created where possible, unless cleaned up by something removing things from temp (e.g. Disk Cleanup Tool, CCleaner, etc.)

Sometimes dumps can't be created due to the nature of the crash.

If there are no dumps, I recommend using ShellExView to see which shell extensions are installed, and disable any which might be related to the type of file you right-clicked when the problem happened. Also check the FAQ for some which have caused problems for a few people and are worth disabling to see if they are involved.

After disabling extensions with ShellExView, reboot the PC and then see if the problem remains. If it is gone, re-enable a few at a time and see when it comes back, and you can usually narrow it down to a particular extension that way.

Hello Leo,

I confirmed it with ShellExView and understood the cause.

I installed NotePad ++ in the past.
When I uninstalled it, Directory Opus Light no longer crashes.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

There was a known problem with Notepad++ which has been fixed. If you install the current version it should be OK. See

Regards, AB

Was it an old version of Notepad++?

If so, it was only a problem briefly back in around 2014, I think, so if you update to the latest Notepad++ it should fix things.

For my own curiosity, I would love to know why so many people seem to have that problem version of Notepad++. We still get a lot of reports about it, and it's odd given how old the problem Notepad++ version was and how quickly it was replaced with a fixed version.

Is something else installing that particular version of Notepad++ on lots of people's machines, as part of a package? If so it'd be good to know what it is so we can tell them to update the version they're giving people to prevent more crashes.

Or is it a recent version of Notepad++ and the bug has come back?

I have already uninstalled NotePad++ and can not check the version.
However, I remember that I installed it over a year ago.

I was looking for an editor that suits me.
NotePad++ did not suit me. And I simply forgot to delete NotePad++.

I think there are several reasons not to update software.

  • no problem with the current version
  • update content is unknown
  • compatibility with the current version

I do not update much because I am troublesome to change the familiar operation.

Kind Regards,

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