Crashes unmounting Bitlocker drive

I have no idea, if it is related to Opus, but it happened a few times, that Opus had to be restarted after an issue occured, using following code:

manage-bde -lock G:

Did it actually crash, or do you mean something wasn't working and you had to restart?

Was there an error message?

Any crash dumps created? Send them in if so and we'll see what they say.

FWIW, I use a similar command all the time without any problems. I think I have it scripted to close any Opus folders on the drive first, so the drive is less likely to be locked, but it shouldn't crash if you don't.

Yes, the typical crash window appeared, using one of those x-error codes. Opus had to be restarted. I didn't catch the exact error message, besides "sorry, ...". I will send you two crash dumps in a PM right way. Thanks, Leo.

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Many thanks! While we couldn't reproduce the crash, the dumps pointed to something that we think was the cause, and we've made some changes for 12.12.3 which we believe will fix things for you.

Temporary workaroud:

Until the new beta is ready, if it's causing you problems now, you can avoid the crash by taking out the {sel:...} selected file codes from your status bar (Preferences / Display / Status Bar), as it can only happen when they are there.

You should be able to put the codes back in once 12.12.3 is out and installed. You can comment them out by adding // to the start of the line, so they're easy to add back in later.

If the crash does happen again with the new beta, or after removing the {sel:...} codes, please let us know.

Yeah, cool. I think i'll wait until the beta, since i normally don't mount/dismount that USB drive a lot. Just happened while testing the button. But good to know. I will check out, if the glitch persists, & report it here, in case of. Thanks!

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