Create Dated Zip

This button will compress the first selected folder or file into a new zip archive. The name of the new zip file will be the name of the selected file or folder plus today's date.

For example, if you selected a folder called Backup and clicked the button then it would be zipped into a file called "Backup" (on the day of posting :slight_smile:).

You can edit the date format if you prefer a different one.

The button creates the new zip file in the current directory. If you want the zip to be created in a specific place, replace HERE with TO="C:\blah\blah" or leave that part out entirely if you want the zip created in the destination pane/window.

This button requires Directory Opus or above.

[ See Also: How to add buttons from this forum to your toolbars ]

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>Create Dated Zip</label> <icon1>#newzipfile</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>@firstfileonly</instruction> <instruction>@nofilenamequoting</instruction> <instruction>Copy ZIP HERE CREATEFOLDER=&quot;{o|noext} {date|yyyyMMdd}&quot;</instruction> </function> </button>

one question. is it posible to zip content in a folder with named with the folder name but without the folder ziped inside.

eg. im in folder image, i want to zip all/selected item in folder image. the zip name will be image and i dont want the image folder inside the zip.

hope u understand thx. :laughing:

edit: i mean in 1 single click all is done

i have a problem with this button i have this message error ?
zip are created but nothing inside. message appear for each selected files.

i created new button Copy ZIP CREATEFOLDER and it's the same thing :cry:

Easy enough. Here's the button:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>Create Dated Zip of Current Dir</label> <tip>Adds the selected files and folders to a zip file named after the current folder and today&apos;s date.</tip> <icon1>#newzipfile</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>@nofilenamequoting</instruction> <instruction>Copy ZIP HERE CREATEFOLDER=&quot;{s|nopath} {date|yyyyMMdd}&quot;</instruction> </function> </button>

The button will only work in Opus Are you using or Opus 8?

thx leo.. ur really opus master :open_mouth:

no i use

strange thing... i create Copy ADDTOZIP button. i select files, clic button, window appear but i can't clic ok button... :cry:

The dialog is asking you to select a Zip file but you've selected a folder. :slight_smile: Click the New Zip File button at the bottom if you want to create a new zip file in the folder you've selected, then select the new zip and press OK.

For your other error, I would run Process Monitor and see what path Opus is trying to access and failing to (error 3). That will probably reveal what's going wrong.

:smiley: in my capture, it's a folder but when i select zip file, it's the same thing...
but when i select file, clic "add to zip", zip file name must be the first selected file no ? I am not obliged to select an existing zip file or create a new zip file ?

i find something about my message error, "Activate Opus ZIP file handling" was disabled !!! when this option are enabled, it's ok. but when enabled, double clic zip file open it in DO (with "Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files" disabled) :confused:
i use DO in usb device... "Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files" state are not saved and auto-extract don't work.

PS:notice that "new zip file button" are too short in french language

That explains it. :slight_smile:

Let's keep the other questions in this thread to avoid cluttering up the button forum. Ask over there if you're still having problems in USB mode.

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