Create Folder while copy/move?

Hell to all,

Often I wish to copy files from the left window panel to a folder in the right window panel.
However, I should actually first create a folder where these files should be placed.

Is there a way to add an option to the RMB that enables me to create folder and after that immy
copy the selected files.

Copy-CreateFolderFirst, or so.



Well Hell to you too mrwul...

Once upon a time I came up with this series of commands that did what I think you're looking to do:

sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard COPY
sync:dopusrt /cmd CreateFolder "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and COPY items to...|{destpath$}}" READAUTO
sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard PASTE
sync:dopusrt /cmd Go {sourcepath$}

...but somewhere along the line it's proven to be not all that reliable. It often doesn't actually copy the files in some cases - and I'm not sure 'why'. Damn...

I recently tried doing it with just a plain Dopus Copy command and using environment variables to save the new folder path, and THAT doesn't quite work either. Double damm...

I know some ppl here like JohnZeman are fans of external copy utilities like xxcopy, and it works fine for a single file copy, but not so good with multiple files (get prompted to create the new folder for every file:-)). Triple damn...

In any event, I'd prefere to keep the Dopus copy progress window anyway, so I REALLY REALLY wish Gpsoft would extend the internal Copy command functionality to accept an argument to create a new directory in the destination.

mrwul wrote:
Hell to all,

OOOPS HellO to you folks, sorry.. :blush:


Hi Steje ... (to avoid a further 'o'-error...)

I have sent a long reply yesterday but noticed that it was nót posted... !! This is really frustrating.
As I was wondering where it went wrong, I think .. it is because I used a smiley that
was not listed, hitting the [more] button opened a new window, likely somewhere along
that track I closed the wrong one.... :frowning:

Anyway... what I have writing is that I was happy to see that there is a bit of support for
the idea and happy that no-one got back to me telling that this feature cud be found
there-and-there and a rtfm-remark.

Up front, I have not checked it, but did you drop the idea in the feature request forum?
Maybe there is a lot of support there and GPSoft will take it into consideration...?
Surely they are open for good ideas! My guess is this is one, definitely...

Also I wrote about the renaming features of DO.
Similar to many other Explorer-substitutes, I think the renaming features are
relatively simple and cannot be compared with renaming

There is one, small but really wonderful, utility named FlashRenamer
(only 1,6mb and can be used by only clicking the .exe file!)
that can perfectly be incorporated into DO...
I have tested many renaming utilties and in fact I feel that FR is by far the best one.
It is relatively simple, has really outstanding features.
No, no shares in FR, just an happy enduser...:slight_smile:

Have added a FR-button at the toolbar. If that is clicked, FR will be launched.
From DO it is possible to drag files into FR and rename them in whatever way.
As FR can be launched from the command prompt, like:
\patch\flashrenamer /e modeEnum,

starting FR in a specific mode (there are quite a number
of modes).

I agree, this has really nothing to do with the topic.
But I discovered these possibilities yesterday only and I want to share them here.
(Although I am not sure whether this is against the forum-policy..???)
If so, I hope the webmaster will tell me and cut the last part only.


FYI - especially if it was a 'long' post it might have been that your login session timed out while you were writing it...

I believe I did send something directly to GPSoft about extending the built-in Copy command functionality in this area.

About FR utility - yeah, many users wind up using external utilities with Dopus to get around limitations. It's not a bad thing - just challenging when things can't be done exactly the way you'd like.

this is my ONE pet peeve with opus versus the old favorite norton navigator for 95..

i even posted a simular call for help a week or so ago.... heres the cut and paste of that, for now the alt ' and alt 1 settings for create folder then move files is as short as i can get it.... but nortons no look one click way was alot easier :frowning:

i have alt ` set to make a dir and alt 1 set to move items from one browser window to the newly created one......

but is there STILL no way to imitate the old Norton Navigator super easy way?

ie- highlight the items click one button and a move to box pops up and all ya have to do is type the dir and or subdirs and click enter?

ie in norton navigator i used to say highlight all the songs off an album...... look down at the keyboard click F7 a box pops up and all i did was type say
elvis costello\spike bootleg\apes

and hit enter..... and bang all would be moved to an automatically created sub dir all without me having to move a mouse or look up at the monitor....



no confirmations no lookin up no movement of a mouse....

there must be a way to duplicate this.... but i've yet to find it :frowning: i waste hours a day sometimes it seems without this

jaquestati - I didn't see your other post about this or else I surely would have replied with similar comments to what I gave mrwul.

However, after reading your post and looking at the way you phrased it, I tried something I had never tried before - I simply highlighted a file, opened a Dopus CLI prompt, and type the command Copy MOVE TO and was presented with the Select Destination Folder dialog box. Nothing strange there, but when I typed in a folder structure into the dialog at the end of the folder path that was already there (the last known 'destpath' maybe?) Dopus prompted me with: The folder 'asdf' does not exist. Create this folder? I answered Yes and the folder was created and the file moved automatically...

SOoooooo... the capability actually does exists within Dopus to recognize that a destination folder for a Copy request doesn't exist and to prompt us to make it so - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GPsoft, let us access this functionality with something like dopusrt: /cmd Copy Move TO "{dlgstring|New folder name...|{destpath$}}" so that we can automatically define and create the new folder structure 'in' the copy command. When I try now with the method above - I don't even get the dialog asking me to create the folder that we otherwise get with the raw/blind CLI based Copy MOVE TO command.

By the way, I've noticed that Outlook offers exactly the feature we are looking for:
select files
click on Move to
window pops up with [ok] [cancel] [new..]
click on new - enter folder name -
click ok, again ok, that's it.

A magnificent program like Directory Opus shd be able to handle this.

What do you think?
Dump this idea in feature requests again.... ??



I have not followed this thread very closely, so I might be missing the boat, but it seems to me a simple button whose only command is COPY should take care of this.

First create the button, then select some files, then press the button. A dialog box should pop up letting you type in the name of a new set of subfolders or you can enter any other folder, or you can browse to the folder you want to copy to.

To move the files instead of copying them, just add the MOVE argument to the copy button.

How about this:

sync: dopusrt /cmd clipboard cut
sync: dopusrt /cmd createfolder "{dlgstring|Specify folder name|{file|noext}}" readauto
sync: dopusrt /cmd clipboard paste
sync: dopusrt /cmd go back

What I want to do is select a couple of file, say some .jpg's, click a button that runs the above commands and have DOpus pop up a requester that already has the name of the first selected file without its extension.
Ofcourse, since I'm using {file}, it tries to run the command on every selected file!

I'd like to see an option that makes DOpus behave like I used {allfile} but only return the first selected filename, along with that autocreated directory. something like:

copy move to "{dlgstring|Specify folder|{firstfile|noext}}"

Which would use the name of the first selected file as a template, ask for confirmation, and create a folder to which all selected files are moved.

Better yet, having the option to have the complete template foldername already selected in the dialog window, so that if I decide that the generated foldername isn't what I wanted, I could start typing right away instead of having to delete the text first.

Hey John - personally, the reason I want this is for drag and drop copies and moves. I want to drag files or folders to a destination directory and copy them to a 'new folder' in that destination dir. I despise the browse dialogs for copy operations - it's like opening a second lister to do what I already am trying to do in the current lister. All I want to have to do is type the name of the 'new folder' that I want the files to be copied or moved to without any extra clicks or mouse movements. The commands that I mentioned before 'mostly' work, but for some reason not always... and every time it 'doesn't' work I want to rip my keyboard out of my PC and beat something with it :slight_smile:... Having Dopus' internal Copy function be able to handle this sort of thing is nothing much more than asking for the /I argument functionality available in xcopy for ages... or as mentioned based on what happens when running Copy MOVE TO in a CLI prompt - what seems to already be tantalizing possible within Dopus already...

Hello - my guess that normal drop/drag functions remain available.
However, if you wish to copy files into a new folder, then after already having selected
a couple of files, you may wish to create a new folder.
This would mean that you need to either start a 2nd session of DO or first create a folder and then
select files (maybe from a big list) that shd be copied to
that specific folder.
If the feature of creating folders whilst moving/copying wud be available under yr RMB it wud
save a lot of time, right? :slight_smile:


p.s.: stevej - buckyb - with thanks to your contributions i am going to put this in the feature request forum and just see what happens, hope you agree...

(later: see "REQ: Create Folder while copy/move ?" feature requests)

[quote]Often I wish to copy files from the left window panel to a folder in the right window panel.
However, I should actually first create a folder where these files should be placed.

Is there a way to add an option to the RMB that enables me to create folder and after that immy
Copy the selected files.

Copy-CreateFolderFirst, or so.[/quote]

I think I've managed to do this with a batch file and DOpus. I don't think I'd use it to copy exceptionally large amounts of files and folders, but for general use, it seems to do the trick whether you drag and drop from a source lister to a destination one, or to the folder tree. You cannot drag and drop from the folder tree which is normal DOpus behavior.

To be fair I have not tested this very much yet so anyone interested might want conduct their own tests before relying on this to work.

Ok, here we go

  1. First using a basic text editor (not a word processor) like Notepad paste the following into a new (empty) file.

@echo off
dopusrt /cmd CreateFolder %1
set DST=%1
if {%1}=={} exit
dopusrt /cmd Copy %1 TO %DST%

  1. Save it somewhere on your hard drive. In my machine here is the name of the batch file and where I saved it to:

C:\Mine\cmd\DOpus Create Folder and Copy to it.cmd

  1. In DOpus goto Settings/File Types and in the top section called Directory Opus File Types left click on All Files and Folders.

  2. Press the Edit in the lower right corner of the dialog box and in the next dialog box to pop up, click on the Drop Menu tab.

  3. In the Drop Menu section click the New button to create a new event for all files and folders and give that event a name of Create New Folder to drop into.

And last, for the command to run for this new event, paste the following into the area where you define the commands.

"C:\Mine\cmd\DOpus Create Folder and Copy to it.cmd" "{dlgstring|Hello|{d}}" {F}

(The above is all one line, in case it's been wrapped, you will need to splice it to be one line again).

Now to make it work, select some files and/or folders in a source lister and right click drag and drop them to a destination. When you let go of the right mouse button you should see a menu pop up with your new Create New Folder to drop into event shown as a choice.

Hello to you,

  • This works indeed!!! *

Many thanks, GREAT JOB indeed...:smiley:

Very much appreciated.

Best regards


JohnZ to the rescue - that was well thought out!

I don't know why I was breaking my back trying to figure out a way to preserve environment variables set externally from Opus 'inside' Opus... Either way, I'm 'going external'... This oh so helps me out! Much obliged...

edit note - Hey John, out of curiousity why you would suggest not using this method to move lots of data?

edit note 2 - mrwul, you can add a runmode hide statement to the beginning of the Dopus drop menu action before calling the script to supress the cmd window that pops up...

My personal usage of Johns nice suggestion - for anyone that's interested:

[u]Drop Menu actions for 'All files and folders' to copy/move items to a new folder in drop target:[/u]

Copy to new folder
runmode hide
cptonew.cmd "{dlgstring|Specify new folder-name to COPY items to...|{d}}" {F}

Move to new folder
runmode hide
mvtonew.cmd "{dlgstring|Specify new folder-name to MOVE items to...|{d}}" {F}

[u]Hotkeys to copy/move items to a new folder in current folder:[/u]

CTRL+INS bound to Copy to new folder
runmode hide
cptonew.cmd "{dlgstring|Specify new folder-name to COPY items to...|{s}}" {F}

ALT+INS bound to Move to new folder
runmode hide
mvtonew.cmd "{dlgstring|Specify new folder-name to MOVE items to...|{s}}" {F}

Mrwul - The mvtonew.cmd file on my system simply has a MOVE argument added to Johns dopusrt /cmd Copy %1 TO %DST% command (making it dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE %1 TO %DST%)... and the 'current folder' copy/move hotkeys just substitute {d} for {s} to append the new folder name to the source path (current folder) instead of the destination path required for a drag and drop operation...

Because it sticks in my memory that the maximum amount of data that can be passed to a batch file as parameters is around 5 kb. That means when the total text size of the full path names of all the selected files/folders in DOpus to be copied exceeds that amount errors will result. I'm not positive that it's actually a 5 kb limit but it's something along those lines. Try selecting about 300 files and or folders and run the script, I expect you'll see an error then.

Also bear in mind that the DOpus {dlgstring} control code allows you to type in any keyboard character, including characters such as ? which are illegal in file names. So if you do that you'll also see an error.

So as you can see it's not perfect by any means, and certainly DOpus internal support would be far better for doing this. Hopefully in some future version of DOpus we can do away with this backdoor script method. Until then it's better than nothing.

By the way, I'm almost surprised you didn't catch my silly but harmless error in this line:

"C:\Mine\cmd\DOpus Create Folder and Copy to it.cmd" "{dlgstring|Hello|{d}}" {F}

The "Hello" shouldn't have been there, instead it should have been something like "Enter new folder to copy to".

Well time for me to get back to slaving over a hot stove, I'm canning tomatoes and tomato juice today.

ah right... because you're using the upper {F} for all selected files to be passed in one shot and what not. I didn't look to closely at it since it worked fine when I tested it :slight_smile:. And so that's why you're shift-ing in the batch file to move along each variable passed to the script... right.

I'm not sure what the maximum character length of parameters passed to a batch file is either though... has to be less than 5kb though since I maxed out at 1700 some odd characters in the test I just ran (without having calculated any spaces between each filepath which would account for at least one additional char per parameter)...

BTW - I did indeed notice your dlgstrng snafu :slight_smile:. That's why I posted my examples with "Specify new folder-name to MOVE items to...". Maybe I just supposed you wanted mrwul seeing you say hello to him every time he ran your script :slight_smile:...

LOL I'd forgotten how this entire thread had started out with "Hell to all" so I can understand why you interpreted my error the way you did steje.

You are also correct in understanding the DOpus external control codes and the way I used them. I only chose {F} to avoid the "Create New Directory" dialog box for each file. In most of my scripts involving DOpus and batch files I use {f} which does not have such a limit as each argument is passed to the command interpreter one at a time.

Who knows? This was a pure beta version 1.00 of this project. Between canning tomatoes and thinking about this challenge it was the best I could come up with on short notice (I never really read the messages in this thread until this morning so I hadn't previously understood the true request).

Give me a little more time and a few more tomatoes to can, and I might come up with a way to overcome the file limit issue. No promises though as I don't have that many more tomatoes to can.