Create new folder in DO13

HI there,

Love the new version 13. Quick comment...

If I right-click on a folder, there is no menu option to create a new folder under the highlighted folder. It would be great to be able do this from the context menu.

If I click 'New Folder' on the toolbar, it creates the new folder at the root directory rather than on the highlighted folder.

So the only option seems to be to open the folder first then right-click --> New --> Folder or use the New Folder option on the toolbar once the folder is opened.

I was expecting that with the new expandable folders that I would be able to create a new folder under the highlighted folder without having to open it first, if that makes sense.

+1 for this feature.

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Add a context menu like this

CreateFolder NAME="{filepath}\New Folder {date|yyyyMMdd} {time|HHmmss}"

or like this

FileType NEW=directory PATH={filepath}

Many thanks for your help, lxp !

Thanks for your help.

I don't know where to start with this - apologies but I don't know much about the engine room in DO. Which setting do I access to set this up?

See How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Open Settings> File Types

double click on All Folders> File Type> Context Menu> click New

COpy paste the command here...


Thank you! That was really helpful.

I used the second script (quoted above) which creates a folder and names it 'New Folder'. The only issue is that it looks like I can rename it but within a second it auto-saves. Is there a way to get it to wait until I rename it?

Yes, with these modifications:

CreateFolder NAME="{filepath}\{dlgstring}"
FileType NEW=directory PATH={filepath} NEWNAME="{dlgstring}"  

The second button will append a counter if the folder already exists.


That is awesome!! Thanks so much for your help!