Create ShortCut, in Windows 10 Pro to open a Lister

Is there a way to create a ShortCut, in Windows 10 Pro, that can execute the following:
A:\UTY\opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=PRG-UTY
It does work when executed in "WindowsRun" Win+R.

Right-click on the desktop and choose New -> Shortcut.

I created a shortcut with:
A:\UTY\Opus\dopusrt.exe A:\UTY\opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=PRG-UTY
It did not work.

This is what I used in Win+R and it worked:
A:\UTY\opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=PRG-UTY

You have the exe path there twice, so of course it isn't going to work. :slight_smile:

By the way, you should use ` characters around commands and similar code blocks in forum posts, to prevent problems with backslashes and so on.

See Formatting tips specific to the Opus forum

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There it is. It now works. It was a type-o, the extra path.
I'm on my way to do some reading, Formatting Tips.
Thanks again.