CTD's viewing images due to MaxTo

I've never had issues with dopus before the last 2 or 3 weeks. I have 2 or 3 crashes per day (straight to desktop, no crash report window) when I check image files. I work with large PNG files, 8Kx8K and viewer always worked fine, but I now get a infrequent but daily crashes with dopus. It also sometimes happens when opening things via google (virtual) drive folder.

I unfortunately have no bug reports as it's a straight CTD, but I do want to mention it. I can't tell if it's a windows issue or a dopus issue either. I just installed latest beta hopefully that helps, I was running latest stable to now (12.28).

If I can do anything more, let me know!

Google Drive File Stream has had quite a few instability issues in the past, so it could be part of the problem.

If you want us to try some of the same PNGs to see if Opus has an issue with the images themselves, please zip and upload one or two and we'll have a look.

It's also worth checking if other software can view the same files from the same location OK.

Thanks @Leo, I'll keep an eye out for a reproducible case and report back when I do.

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@Leo for whatever it's worth it happens a lot when I open images, jpg/png files from Google Drive. It happens when I've been browsing folders in the gDrive for some time, and then at no particular moment I want to display a picture in the image viewer (docked viewer or floating) it just crashes to the desktop. It can happen on any picture from any source, I've not identified any distinction in the source type or formatting. More like it doesn't like google drive a lot.

It's most like a Google Drive issue if it only affects files on it. It wouldn't be the first time GDFS has proven unstable. But it's impossible to say for sure without some crash logs or a way to reproduce the problem.

@Leo thanks, I've located the dmp files from yesterday. I'm mailing them to : crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au

The dmp files show Google Drive is innocent, and the problem is MaxTo, which has been crashing Opus for a while now:


Saw your comment on the MaxTo github issues tracker, thanks for that! Unfortunately it does seem like it's languishing, as there has been only one response from the developer and it was rather dismissive as I'm sure you saw.

Thanks for once again proving that I've spent money in the right place by supporting GPSoftware.

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@Leo thanks for looking into the issue! Maxto I really use a lot, but I guess it hooks into the windows system a bit too deep. If you have recommendations for tools that allow me to create area's where I can resize my windows into, I'd be grateful! :slight_smile:

@jhn Microsoft's PowerToys has FancyZones but it's not quite the same functionality (I rely on the keyboard shortcut features of MaxTo).

I may revisit FancyZones though, as it's been pretty good on my work computer. As far as I know, there's no issue with DOpus and FancyZones

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Thanks @oscillik will check it out. I personally use shift drag to a certain monitor and location a lot.

@jhn I've disabled MaxTo on my PC and I'll see how I get on with FancyZones for now, but so far it's working alright actually. Much prefer the lack of crashing!

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@oscillik it's quite good indeed. Wish I knew it existed earlier :slight_smile: Thanks!

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After revisting it due to this whole situation, I think I'm probably going to stick with FancyZones myself!

Just a tip, since it took me a while to figure it out — if you're creating a FancyZone template from an existing one, but you want to delete a zone, you need to click and hold the circle marker, and whilst still holding the mouse button down, you can then hit delete to remove it.

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